In 1955, with an extensive and long professional experience, Mr. Francisco José Sánchez Fernández founded the company that gave the name to our Company, which is the pillar of the Family Group of companies.

A company that was born from the desire of its founder to supply healthy and quality food products to whole world, and in the early 50’s was able to recognise the need to promote the good products which our land provided, not only within Spain but also beyond our borders.

A company that 60 years after being founded, and after becoming one of the leading companies in the capers, olive oil and table olives sector, is still a family owned business, which in its second generation, has been able to combine the changing requirements and high professionalism of the twenty first century with the need to maintain our traditions and our passion that results in that special management that defines our company.

Today, F.J. Sánchez Sucesores specialises in the manufacture, packing and distribution of capers, olive oil and olives. Through investigation, creativity and modern production facilities, equipped with state of the art technology, we strive to produce only the best quality products.

This has allowed us to become one of the leading companies in our field, and above all, count with an extensive and satisfied client base which we nurture with diligence and respect.

Only by being very careful and improving in every step we take, can we guarantee the highest quality of products, because long before the olives are plucked from the trees, or the olive trees blossom or the first flower buds appear on the caper shrubs, we will have controlled and analysed that all is proceeding according to our standards of quality. We process all products that we distribute from their origin to the final product.

This passion for what we do allows us to export to the whole world under the banner “Quality from the Source”, which highlights the best of our Mediterranean character, that is, the care of raw materials that have not yet been harvested up to the final products that arrive at the table of our consumers.

Being based in Andalucia and Extremadura, in Spain, with 11 production facilities strategically placed, we can offer a small part of the famous Mediterranean diet, combining tradition and know-how to satisfy the most demanding tastes of the world, and trust that the best is yet to come.



To grow the Family Group of Companies to satisfy the needs of the most demanding markets, both with bulk products, as well as packaged products.



To become one of the leading companies, worldwide, in the production, packing and distribution of:




To achieve a continuous growthaimed at positioning our products in all different segments in all world-wide markets.



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